Thursday, February 16, 2017

5 Best Things To Do In Moorpark, CA!

Moorpark, California might to many seem like a sleepy suburban bedroom community, but there are also lots to do in a limo within city limits! This town of just 35,000 residents rates as one of California’s safest and richest small towns. LA Times has ranked Moorpark as the safest place in Ventura County, while the FBI has rated Moorpark as the seventh safest community in the state. According to SafeWise in 2013, Moorpark was ranked again as the 7th safest California community, outranking Calabasas (#13), Agoura Hills (#14), Simi Valley (#25), Camarillo (#29) and Thousand Oaks (#33). As of 2016, crime saw an even further decrease. No homicides have been committed here in 2016, 2015 nor 2014. As far as income, Moorpark has been named “the richest city in Ventura County” by the Los Angeles Times. The median family income of $108,628 is higher than the average income for Ventura County, California and the United States. Our limo services are the top rated provider of Moorpark limousine rentals and Thousand Oaks party bus rentals. We have served the community for twenty years! Besides regular limousine rides, we offer party bus rentals, Malibu wine-tasting tours, wedding transportation, LAX sedan transfers and more.

Established as a city in the late 1800’s, Moorpark remained a highly rural agricultural community for many years. Founded by Robert Poindexter in 1887, the city is named after Moorpark, Herfordshire in Britain, which was where the apricot was introduced in the 1680’s. “Moorpark: Home of the Apricot” was a nickname used by for instance the Chamber of Commerce throughout the early 1900’s. The city has experienced an incredible population growth, from 1000 residents in 1950 to over 35,000 in 2017. The city gained over 17,000 inhabitants in the 1980’s and was the fastest-growing community in all of Ventura County. From 25,000 residents in 1992, the city has gained over 10,000 new residents since then. While many locals who book limo services here know Moorpark’s history of apricot-farming, many may not be aware of the city’s history of turkey-ranching. In the 1950’s, Moorpark produced turkeys for over 8 million people per year and turkeys were exported to all 50 states. Many may also not be aware of the fact that Moorpark was amongst the first cities in the world to be powered by atomic power. In 1957 Moorpark became the second city in America to be powered by nuclear energy.

The area has been inhabited for thousands of years and was home to Kimishax (Quimisac), a Chumash Native-American village located by Happy Camp Canyon. Moorpark is conveniently located midways between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, within a short drive from popular wine-tasting tours to the Malibu Canyons and Santa Ynez Valley. Because of its close proximity to LA, renting a limousine- or party bus for a night of partying in Hollywood is another local favorite. Moorpark is home to twenty parks and open-spaces with many opportunities for experiencing how California once looked like - untouched wilderness of scenic beauty. Ventura County Limousine has offered party bus rentals and limo services in Moorpark for over twenty years. In this article we will outline our top 5 ideas for great activities in Moorpark. From world-class golf courses, exotic animals to pumpkin patches - these are our 5 best things to do in Moorpark, California!

5. Amazing Golfing

Known for its world class golfing, our limo services have even served LAX sedan rides with tourists to the great golf courses found in Moorpark. With its near-perfect Mediterranean climate and beautiful scenery, Golf Digest Magazine ranks Tierra Rejada Golf Club amongst the best in the county. Here you can enjoy golfing at a more than 7,000-acre large golf course, but it’s a lot more golfing opportunities in Moorpark. Another popular choice for limousine rentals is the Moorpark Country Club, which was named one of the best golf courses by Golf Week in 2002. These are ranked the fourth and fifth best things to do in Moorpark by TripAdvisor, while the Rustic Canyon Golf Course ranks as the seventh best activity. No matter what golf course you pick, these courses are world-class and offers great golfing and scenic nature views. Golf courses are popular for clients reserving local limo services and Thousand Oaks party bus services for larger groups.

4. The Great Outdoors

Being home to twenty parks, adventures in great outdoors is a popular activity for clients using limousine rentals or party bus services in the Moorpark area. Happy Camp Canyon Regional Park is the largest park here, featuring over twelve miles of hiking trails in over 3,000 acres of nature. Here you can come for a great hike, horseback-riding, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, photographing and a host of other recreational activities. As an example, we recently took clients from Malibu wine-tasting tours directly to this regional park for having fun with their kite flying over the rolling green hills! You can also park at the Rustic Canyon Golf Course and go for a hike before or after a day of golfing. By the Simi Valley-border is where we find the 100-acre Oak Park which offers over 130 campsites and numerous hiking trails. Located immediately to the south is where we find Wildwood Regional Park in Thousand Oaks, a 1,700-acre park offering over 27 miles of hiking trails. Needless to say Moorpark has an abundance of beautiful nature! As many of the open-space areas function as wildlife corridors, there’s a blooming wildlife with animals such as deer, mountain lions, foxes, weasels, badgers, and many more species found in the area.

3. America’s Teaching Zoo

We recently had tourists utilizing an LAX sedan for transportation to America’s Teaching Zoo. Our chauffeur asked if it was students wanting a ride from LAX to the college, but these clients simply wanted to visit the zoo. Did you know Moorpark College’s own zoo features over 200 animals! The zoo ranks as the second-best thing to do in Moorpark by TripAdvisor and is number three on Yelp. Whether for party buses, limousines or an LAX sedan, visiting the zoo makes for a great excursion with the family. Here you can enjoy seeing anything from monkeys, lions, bald eagles, parrots, coyotes and a lot more. Some of the happenings here include the exotic weekend animal presentations, summer camps and more. Come enjoy this five-acre zoo during weekdays to observe the animals, or come during the weekend for a chance to take part in the unique demonstrations and shows, where you for example can see hyenas and other animals get fed. While most people who rent Thousand Oaks party bus or limo vehicles to/from Moorpark College are students, the zoo is open to the public and offers an educational, exotic and exciting activity for the whole family. Book our Thousand Oaks party bus- or limousine rentals for a fun trip for the whole family to the zoo!

2. Visiting Filming Sites

A scene from Chinatown (1974) in Moorpark
Numerous movies and TV-series have been filmed in Moorpark, including NCIS (2004), Gunplay (1996), Martyrs (2015) and many, many more! A recent trend for local limo services have been guided cinematic tours to some of the famous filming locales in and around Moorpark. Did you for example know that scenes from Chinatown (1974) were filmed here? The orchard where J.J. Gittes (Jack Nicholson) gets shot is located at Trident Ranch, 3240 Sunset Valley Rd. Scenes from the NCIS-episode My Other Left Foot (2004) were also filmed in Moorpark, behind Charger on the opposite side from the train station. Why not reserve limousine rentals to Alexander Field, where Captain McCormick crashes in Forever Young (1992). The actual location is Test Airfield on the 118 freeway! In the film Carmen Jones (1954) there’s a scene of a railroad crossing at East Los Angeles Ave., while Motel Hell (1980) was partially filmed on High Street. The nighttime football game in Best of Times (1986) was filmed at Moorpark High School, while both Moorpark High School and 7900 Stockton Rd are featured in the film The Van (1977). While both Fitzwilly (1967) and Some Kind of a Nut (1969) have scenes shot on High Street, Hollywood, It’s a Dog’s Life (2004) features scenes from the Theater on High Street. Numerous movies features Moorpark College, including but not limited to Stranger in My House (1999), Lure (2010), The Clonus Horror (1979) and Tailgaters (2015). An upcoming Walt Disney movie that is currently being filmed in Moorpark as of February 2017 is Magic Camp (2017), which will feature scenes from the High Street Arts Center. Call our limousine and Thousand Oaks party bus service for memorable tours of your favorite filming locations in Ventura County!

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1. Underwood Family Farms

Being the top rated attraction in Moorpark on both TripAdvisor and Yelp, checking out Underwood Family Farms is a must when in Moorpark. Maybe not the most popular destination for Thousand Oaks party bus- and limousine rentals, Underwood Family Farms is still an ideal location to bring the kids. Underwood Family Farms offers everything from animal shows, overnight camping, horseback-riding tours, tractor rides, pumpkin patches, festivals for the kids and much, much more. While pumpkin tours are popular around Halloween times, picking your own fruits and vegetables are a favorite year-round. Check their websites to see what fruits and vegetables are available when. Besides picking your own raspberries and other deliciousness, the kids will love to pet the animals at the farm here! Featuring everything from alpacas, donkeys, ducks, emus, cows and more, their animal shows might be the most popular activity here. Seasonal highlights include their Easter- and Christmas festivals, as well as the Fall Harvest Festival. Definitely take a tour to the Underwood Family Farms if you haven’t done so yet, and bring the kids along for a day of fun at the farm!

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